Frequently Asked Questions …..

How Do You Get Your Cheap Traffic?

We are operating one of the largest online traffic networks of over 10,000 web properties and domain names that receive millions of unique visitors every single day. We redirect this traffic to your website or webpage or wherever you want the traffic to go using a specific algorithm that makes sure you get the best kind of targeted visitors who are interested in your niche.

So whenever you place an order, we use our system to redirect the visitors to these websites to your website or webpage or wherever you want the traffic to go.

Kindly note that people are redirected to your website or webpage without their consent. Basically we forcefully take people to a new site or URL they didn’t want to visit initially.

Which Websites or URLs are Not Allowed?

Any website / URLs that has any of the following are not permitted:

• Websites with illegal, racist, or hateful content.
• Websites with content we deem to be inappropriate for our visitors.
• Phishing URLs, Trojans, Adwares, Malware, etc.
• Iframes that redirect to malicious websites.
• Frame breaking scripts.
• Websites with download prompts.
• Domains with .tk or extensions.
• Germany .de, Russia .ru, and India .in must target the country they originate in.
• Popups or Javascript Prompts (1 allowed on Pop-Up Traffic).
• No Stumble Upon Links.
•,, and other PTP sites.
• Blank landing pages.

If any of these get added to the website after we start a campaign, the campaign will cease immediately and the client will not be refunded for his traffic purchase.

Furthermore if we discover you are trying to get around our ToS a refund will also not be granted. We also hold the right to refuse service to anyone we choose.

A refund will be provided if we refuse service.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get Traffic?

Not at all! After you place an order, our friendly support team will set up your campaign.

This usually happens within 72 hours. Your campaign will then go in to the queue and once reviewed for approval by our talented technical team, your traffic will begin. Approval time can take up to 24 hours. Most of the times, you will start getting traffic within 48 hours.

Once we start a campaign for you, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Do You Send Genuine Human Visitors?

Absolutely! Your website will be seen by genuine human beings. We never use bots, softwares or any spam methods to generate traffic. Our traffic is 100% genuine.

We strongly suggest our clients to use Google Analytics. It’s a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

Google analytics is world renowned for their robust tracking mechanisms. They can literally inform you about every aspect of a visitor that visits your website. They are able to judge if a visitor is real or fake. It filters out fake visitors and shows you the real ones only.

Our visitors are 100% trackable in Google Analytics. It proves the quality of our traffic.

We also use a specialized system to make our traffic 100% anonymous and it’s seen as direct traffic according to Google Analytics. It seems that your visitors already know your site. It makes sure that your site doesn’t get penalized for sudden spike in traffic.

How Do You Send Unique Traffic?

Our website traffic is filtered to be unique every 24 hours. So in most cases, it’s unique.

How Can I Track the Traffic?

Our traffic is fully trackable with Google Analytics. Our traffic is seen as direct traffic in your analytics. It seems your visitors already know your site. After an order, you will start getting visitors within 72 hours.

We will also set up a short tracking URL that counts the number of clicks your website is receiving. You could also set up a short link using bitly to track the number of clicks to your website. You can also use third party tracking services like or for on page tracking.

Does Your Traffic Increase Website Rank?

For new websites and websites with low traffic volumes, our quality visitors will have an impact on your Alexa ranking. Our traffic could also increase search engine ranks.

However we cannot guarantee that our traffic will improve your ranking. Search engine ranks depend on various different factors; not in our control.

Since you will receive thousands of visitors and hundreds of human interactions on your website on a daily basis, search engines will notice it. That’s the best we can do for ranking your site.

Is Your Traffic Adsense Safe?

Our traffic is 100% AdSense safe. We don’t use iframe or popup. We simply redirect the visitors to your website using a specialized system that makes the visitors completely anonymous. It seems they already know your site making it safe for websites with AdSense.

We also make our traffic absolutely safe for our clients with websites containing advertising services like AdSense by blocking any requests going to AdSense servers.

This way we make our traffic safe for our clients who use AdSense ads on their websites. Please note that even if you order our traffic on your website with AdSense ads, your AdSense earnings will not increase. Because we will block AdSense scripts so that AdSense cannot track our traffic.

However, when buying traffic to a website with adsense, we always recommend caution. Although our traffic is delivered in an adsense friendly manner, we make no guarantees on your AdSense account safety. When you buy our traffic on your AdSense site, please do so at your own risk. However, we have never got any complaint about AdSense penalty before.

Can Your Traffic Be Sent To,, or other similar links?

We do not send traffic to PTP sites. Those mentioned sites also violate our ToS.

Will Your Traffic Convert for Sales or CPA Offers?

Some of our customers report our traffic converts really well. But please note that people are redirected to your website without their consent. Although we try our best to send traffic only from sites that match your niche, we cannot control their actions on your website.

There are various different factors that affect sales or conversions.

Even if you get high quality targeted traffic you may not get any sale for various reasons like a poorly designed landing page, limited payment alternatives, a website without SSL, site security related doubts, bad user interface, no contact information and so on.

A visitor may have lots of different reasons not to buy or convert for any offer. So obviously we cannot guarantee that you will get sales or conversions. Because it’s not in our control.

How Can I Get Refund?

We guarantee to deliver all ordered visitors to websites that comply with our ToS. In the rare event if we don’t complete an order within the requested time frame, you can choose to have us send more traffic until the order is filled or be refunded for the unsent traffic.

Traffic delivery will be determined by our system. Any non-recommended analytic program won’t be accepted for proof of order shortfall. Refunds will not be offered based on unrecommended trackers.

The only time a client is eligible for a refund is if the order was not completely fulfilled as determined by our system and the link set up.  A client can choose to have more traffic sent to fulfill the order or be refunded for the traffic not sent. You can always contact us for any order related issues.

Do You Take Custom Orders?

If you have something else in mind not listed on our site or looking to make a bulk order, please Contact US. We will let you know if we can fulfill your request regarding traffic buying.

Are Sound / Auto Playing Videos Allowed?

Yes, we can deliver this traffic to websites with autoplay videos and sound.

Are Popups / Javascript Prompts Allowed?

Yes Popups or Javascript prompts are allowed. We however limit the daily visits these sites receive to 1,000 per day, since popups / java prompts are an annoyance to visitors.

Can You Send Mobile Only Traffic?

Yes we can send mobile only traffic using iframes. But mobile only traffic will cost you double the amount you pay for regular website traffic plans.

In case you are interested, kindly double the quantity and mention that you are ordering for Mobile traffic in the “Order Notes” section on the checkout page. Please note that Popups / Javascript Prompts are not allowed for Mobile traffic.

We place an iframe on domain names and websites in our network, which we load the client website in. We filter for mobile devices. The iframes are 250×250 up to full page.